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HTML5 based Dashboard

Contemporary visualizations using HTML5 and BAJA-UX widgets
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Rich View is a HTML5 based software used to create customizable Dashboards with great visualizations.


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Rich View is a HTML5 based software used to create customizable Dashboards with great visualizations.

Features of Rich View

-Customization of Dashboards as per Customer Specific Needs
-Tight integration with multiple data sources inside Niagara like
-Point Latest Value
-Point History Values from a time range
History Rollup with Max, Min, Average (ex: Daily Max – Min of Energy KWH over a week)
-Analytics Data Source & Analytics Algorithm Result
-Seamless integration with open source or 3rd party Javascript visualization libraries

Applications of Rich View

-Data Centre
-Smart Buildings
-Smart Campuses

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Phone: +919845226157

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