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N-Driver add on to use Ethernet-serial converter
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Add On to N-Driver
Serial interfaces for Niagara in large quantity and anywhere


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 A Niagara version 3.8 and higher.

PsSerComOverTelnet is also available as a kit with hardware.
Until now Ethernet serial converter manufactured by EXSYS, Insys, Brainbox and Tibbo have been tested.


Add On to N-Driver
Serial interfaces for Niagara in large quantity and anywhere

New for Niagara AX and N4 framework is an extension of the N-driver known as PsSerComOverTelnet. It enables the significant increase of the quantity of serial interfaces and flexible local arrangement, due to use of Ethernet to serial converter.

The N-Driver complemented with the PsSerComOverTelnet, an Ethernet to serial converter and three simple program changes in Your driver, enables COM port handling via LAN. From now on one can use as additional port identification the IP address instead of COM-port number and serial communication runs via Telnet.
An additional advantage for N4:
Serial communication on PC platforms will work again.

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 Chrome;Firefox;Internet Explorer;Opera;Safari

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Phone: +49 7265 / 91 12 39

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