Bar Chart Widget

All the bar charts you can think of and more. Simple, grouped, stacked and overlaid. Vertical and horizontal. Read-time and historical values.
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Bar charts use vertical or horizontal data markers to compare individual values. You can use them to compare discrete data or show trends over time.

Grouped bar charts, also known as clustered bar graphs, multi-set bar charts, or grouped column charts, is a type of bar graph that is used to compare values across multiple categories.

Stacked bar charts are useful for comparing proportional contributions within a category. They plot the relative value that each data series contributes to the total.

Bar mekko chart is a variable width stacked bar chart. Use a bar mekko chart as an alternative to a bar chart when you want to explain the impact.

Key features

  • unlimited number of numeric points or histories
  • simple, grouped, stacked, overlaid bars
  • vertical or horizontal mode
  • static or animated
  • any color scheme
  • unlimited number of charts per host
  • almost every chart aspect can be customized
  • based on a popular data analytics chart library Plotly.js
  • automatic reporting and pdf generation
  • interactive controls
  • deploy on Supervisor or JACE

Product SKU nm-Bar Chart Widget

Niagara-powered device with N4.6 or later, including Jace8000, Supervisor or their OEM versions


Requires a license for Jace or Supervisor

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