Schneider TAC Xenta Driver

The driver enables direct communication between Schneider Electric TAC Xenta controllers and Tridium Niagara powered devices. Xenta series include a range of freely programmable controllers, which support a proprietary TAC protocol on top of LON or LON IP.
Price $756.00 - $3,687.00
Price $756.00

Niagara device with Xenta driver provides a unique and cost-effective solution for Schneider building management system retrofit, seamless integration of various protocols and convenient makeover of front-end software. Xenta devices should not be reprogrammed and original TAC Vista front-end could coexist with Niagara on the same network until the end of the commissioning.

Niagara uses a standard LON card to connect to Xenta network. Xenta device points and schedules are imported into Niagara automatically without complex engineering. They retain their names, descriptions and unit facets, which greatly simplifies integration process.

Product SKU nm-Schneider TAC Xenta Driver

Niagara-powered device with software v3.8 (AX), v4.1 (N4) or later, including Jace8000, Supervisor or their OEM versions


JACE: 250 points / 1000 points / unlimited points. Supervisor: 500 points + any number of extra 500 point packs.


Niagara Supervisor or Jace is connected to programmable Xenta controllers via LON card or LON IP interface.

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Schneider TAC Xenta Driver-JACE-250$1,605.00
Schneider TAC Xenta Driver-JACE-1000$2,716.00
Schneider TAC Xenta Driver-JACE-Unlimited$3,687.00
Schneider TAC Xenta Driver-Supervisor-500$2,549.00
Schneider TAC Xenta Driver-Supervisor-+ extra 500$756.00
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