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Welcome to Niagara Marketplace, where a global network of people who want to take the Internet of Things (IoT) further come together with the providers who can help make it happen. We’ve created a marketplace to bring the brightest IoT minds in the world to one centralized space – a space where innovation comes to life, powerful connections are made and boundaries are pushed.

Start exploring this one-stop shop for the open Internet of Things, and discover:

  • Innovative solution providers who understand that the Niagara Framework® plays an essential part as the operating system of the IoT
  • Robust functionality for narrowly searching Niagara-based IoT capabilities, solutions and products across a wide range of applications and industry verticals
  • Case studies, literature, videos, testimonials and other informative materials posted by providers for zeroing in on the best fit
  • Reviews and ratings posted by users that can aid in the selection process
  • Direct access to providers through contact forms on all partner and product listings
  • Here is where you’ll find Niagara at its best.

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