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A Niagara compatible driver for every need

Niagara Framework® offers an open platform that developers all over the world are utilizing to create solutions to current challenges inside buildings and beyond. This fast growing collection of drivers is unmatched in the industry. In many cases, the right driver for your integration work is available off-the-shelf from one of our development partners. Niagara Marketplace strives to list all drivers available for purchase or, in some cases, for free. If you don’t find the driver or application you are looking for in our marketplace, the openness of the Niagara environment means you can relatively easily develop the solution. Note that Tridium has not tested all Niagara third-party drivers and does not certify conformance. 

Niagara Drivers by Tridium

Tridium offers drivers for both open and proprietary protocols that have been tested and verified by Tridium. Niagara Framework is available through a wide variety of original equipment manufacturers. Our open distribution business model and open protocol support allow a vendor-neutral application compatible with devices and systems throughout the world.

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