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  • At NiagaraMods, our mission is to make systems integrators insanely productive. Customer expectations for connected systems are higher than ever before. They want systems to run flawlessly, connect to everything, and look like they were designed in Silicon Valley. NiagaraMods is here to help you deliver on just that.

  • Tyrrell Products started in 2011, creating and building the best hardware and software for the IoT & building automation world. We are experts at working with the Tridium Niagara Framework. Tridium is a world leader in business application frameworks, advancing truly open environments that harness the power of the Internet of Things. We give you the power to integrate CCTV, heating, lighting and more, into one powerful system.

  • Safecontrol is a leading Czech development company dealing with building automation and IoT. We have become a software and consulting company with our own products for system integration and technology monitoring. We are also a certified Tridium development partner for Niagara Framework®. We sell our products to more than 40 countries worldwide.

  • One Sightsolutions are the SMART Building technology partner you’ve been looking for! Our highly skilled team design, deliver and support cutting edge SMART Building solutions from end to end, controllers to cloud. We are Niagara 4 experts, that can help you deliver, from design stage through to customer handover.

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  • Our products: We have a large range of specific building automation products. We specialize in this niche and offer excellent service. Our software solution: The alvasys automation ag customers benefit twice, great products and a professional software solution. With the Alvasys components for Niagara 4 you can start programming straight away, without large investment costs. Our goal: Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. A long-term and sustainable relationship with you is important to us. Our head office is in Switzerland in Zurich We deliver goods for our customers from Germany and Austria from our warehouse in Germany. This saves the customs formalities and high postage costs. Visit our German webshop

  • Are you in search of a full building automation solution for commercial buildings, hotels, or smart infrastructure? We help you with your questions and can provide complete solutions. Our offering: I/O boards, automation controllers, connectivity solutions, management systems and building optimization software. We also created Eliona, a smart building assistant, optimized for interaction with the end user of buildings, using 3D models to display all the infrastructure. Distribution of Building Automation Products for Niagara based systems. JACE8000 / Edge 10 hardware and compatible I/O modules, software licenses and software development of Niagara extensions. Consulting and support for customer specific solutions for building automation and the Niagara Framework.

  • Kander has tools to convert JCI Metasys databases into Niagara4 stations. With over 2,000 JCI databases converted, we've refined our processes to cover just about every situation. With this being our only focus, you will be pressed to find someone who does it better.

  • Your team for Niagara knowledge and support! Tridium Professional Services has deep experience leveraging the unique strengths of Niagara to unlock disparate edge data. This opens infinite opportunities to architect IoT solutions that deliver operational efficiencies and tangible ROI’s for buildings and beyond. A sample of Tridium Professional Services: *Architect Niagara solutions for new adjacent markets *Niagara UI development using state of the art tools and design principles *Niagara application development *Niagara driver development *Develop specifications for standardized/secure/scalable Niagara solutions at large distributed enterprises *Partner with OEM’s to embed Niagara in their offerings *Niagara consulting and support for in-house development teams

  • From legacy hardware drivers to the very latest building management systems, voice assistants, electrical cars and energy analysis down to a millisecond – our experience in automation industries, software development and Niagara framework allows us to clearly see the needs of engineers and help to fulfill them.