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  1. Meteo API Service by Leicom ITEC AG
    The ITEC Meteoservice includes several API building blocks to retrieve weather data from Meteomatics...
    $350.00 - $890.00
  2. VKG Hail Protection by Leicom ITEC AG
    The ITEC VKG Hail Protection Service can tap the official hail protection signal of the Association ...
  3. Eliona Driver by Leicom ITEC AG
    Get full Eliona compatibility! Send values, get values, send alarms and get alarm acks. All this in ...
    $350.00 - $2,850.00
  4. Alexa Driver by Baudrate
    The new Niagara SmartHub skill developed by baudrate.io allows Alexa to access Niagara-based automat...
    Price $192.00
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