Data Analysis

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  1. Eliona Driver by Leicom ITEC AG Get full Eliona compatibility! Send values, get values, send alarms and get alarm acks. All this in ...
    $350.00 - $2,850.00
  2. Psychrometric Chart Widget by Baudrate The Psychrometric chart provides a graphic relationship of the state or condition of the air at any ...
    $160.00 - $300.00
  3. Plotly Graphical Widgets by Baudrate Plotly is a high-level interactive plotting library that covers a wide range of statistical, financi...
    $80.00 - $1,200.00
  4. InfluxDB by Baudrate So why might you need to integrate Niagara with InfluxDB? After all, Niagara already has built-in ti...
    $395.00 - $1,605.00
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