Data Analytics and Visualisation Library

Baudrate Data Analytics and Visualisation Library or DAV is a high-level interactive plotting library that covers a wide range of statistical, financial, geographic, scientific, and 3-dimensional charts.
Price $500.00 - $1,400.00
Price $500.00

Data Analytics and Visualisation (DAV) library is based on plotly.js, which is an interactive plotting library that supports over 40 unique chart types covering a wide range of statistical, financial, geographic, scientific, and 3-dimensional use-cases. Built on top of d3.js and, plotly.js allows users to create beautiful interactive web-based visualisations that now can be displayed in standard Niagara PX files. Every chart type has hundreds of customisations options and almost every aspect of data visualisations can be modified to suit the needs. Plotly offers advanced charting capabilities which are used by leading data science and statistical companies. It allows engineers to put complex data analytics in the hands of business decision makers and operators.

DAV library not just allow to insert plotly.js charts in Niagara PX views. It fully integrates all charts with Niagara framework with easy to use configuration UI, adds many ways to bind charts with real-time and historical data, relativize and parameterize charts, maintain consistent views with templates, set and switch time ranges for histories, introduce trend lines and forecasts, produce PDF reports, and much more.

DAV library includes the following charts:

bar barpolar box candlestick carpet choropleth
cone contour contourcarpet densitymapbox funnel funnelarea
heatmapgl histogram histogram2d histogram2dcontour image indicator
mesh3d ohlc parcats parcoords pie pointcloud
scatter scatter3d scattercarpet scattergeo scattergl scattermapbox
scatterpolargl scatterternary splom streamtube sunburst surface
treemap violin volume waterfall heatmap choroplethmapbox
table scatterpolar sankey isosurface    

Key features

  • widgets allow bindings to numeric points and to data histories
  • unlimited number of numeric points or histories per widget
  • data history rollup with any intercals and function
  • time period controls
  • unlimited number of widgets per host
  • almost every widget aspect can be customized
  • contextual help system
  • automatic reporting and pdf generation
  • interactive controls
  • deployed on Supervisor or JACE

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Niagara-powered device with N4.6 or later, including JACE, Supervisor or their OEM versions

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DAV library is sold as the whole package. The purchase will allow all widgets: fundamental, specialised, business, 3D, geographical (more than 40 types total) to be deployed on one host.

Data Analytics and Visualisation Library-JACE$500.00
Data Analytics and Visualisation Library-Supervisor$1,400.00

Question: Is there a limitation on the number of charts?


No, there are no limitations on the number of charts you can use with the license.

Question: What kind of bindings are supported?


  • Point ord for real-time value
  • History ord
  • BQL for real-time point values
  • NEQL for real-time point values
  • NEQL for point history
  • Series transform for non-timestamp histories, for example Cooling Power vs Outdoor Temperature

Question: Which charts are included in the license?


All 40 charts and their combinations

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