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Driver for SMS Service via TCP/IP This driver will allow you to send alarms and other data as an SMS message via TCP/IP. Text is configurable enabling you to set custom messages to multiple recipients. Other customizations include the ability to set a specific day and time ranges for alerts to be received by SMS. The device.limit number in your license, is referred to registered and enabled Mobile Phone numbers (User defined in SMSRecipient). i.e.: If your license has a device.limit of 5, you can register 5 (or more) different phone numbers in your station’s database, but only 5 could be enabled simultaneously. The same phone number can be registered many times (in different SMSRecipient), consuming only one license slot.
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Price $275.00

License update for all JACE8000/MAC36/Supervisor so that SMS can be sent via TCP/IP. For a maximum of x recipients. License goes for the MC100 and also Teltonika models (tested: Teltonika RUT950/955/240/956/TRB245)!

Product SKU nm-SMS Driver

N4.7 +

Teltonika Firmware min.

the driver are running for different device from Teltonika RUT950/955/956/TRB245


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SMS Driver-5$275.00
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Question: can you send SMS from JACE8000, MAC36 and Supervisor



Question: is this the same license for JACE8000 MAC and Supervisor



Question: is it possible to acknowledge the alarms via SMS?



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