Niagara E-Signature Application

Tridium Professional Services offers an e-signature application (ESIGN) that helps Niagara 4 users mitigate risk of failed regulatory audits. The e-signature application allows Niagara 4 users to create and manage controlled audit logs of accurate, time and date stamped, and unalterable data.
Price $900.00 - $11,950.00
Price $900.00

• Intuitive Point Manager View to select and convert Station Niagara Points to ESIGN Secured Points
• Creates ESIGN Secured Histories
• Manages ESIGN Secured Points and Histories over their lifecycle
• Customer Zones, Categories, Roles, Users, Reason Sets and Reasons are configurable
• Points can be designated as ESIGN Secured (or can remain as standard Niagara points)
• ESIGN Secured Point value changes include Emergency Override, Emergency Auto, Override, Auto, Emergency Active and Emergency Inactive (all with Authentication)


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Release Date: 2/4/2022 (v 2.2.6) Module Versions:




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Niagara E-Signature Application-250-JACE$900.00
Niagara E-Signature Application-1000-Supervisor$3,585.00
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The E-Signature Product (ESIGN) is built on the Niagara 4 Framework. Learn typical use cases for ESIGN, best practices for use case configurations supported by ESIGN, how to prepare a Niagara installation for ESIGN, how to setup/configure ESIGN, how to use/operate ESIGN, how to self-audit the configured use case for your site & how to maintain your ESIGN installation.

Training for E-Signature


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