DemandQ JACE Plug-in

The DemandQ JACE Plug-in enables Niagara users to reduce their yearly electricity costs by 8% or more. Downloaded directly to your JACE and enabled in your Niagara System, the patented application will reduce your operating costs, facilitate the opportunity to earn additional revenue through participating grid service locations, as well as contribute to sustainability goals. Download this free version to start the journey to greater savings and potential revenue.
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Turn a Powerful AI JACE Plug-in into a Cost Saver and Money Maker

  • A powerful AI tool that collects and analyzes HVAC equipment usage data, electric utility signals, market prices and operational conditions (i.e., weather, EV fleet schedules, thermostat setpoints) to optimize electric load 24-7-365.
  • An innovative focus on Peak Demand Management
  • Baseline version offers significant cost savings and potential to participate in Grid Services
  • Fully automated
  • A reporting portal to report kW, kWh and cost savings
  • An easy way to monitor equipment efficiency
  • A dedicated team of energy engineers to troubleshoot 
  • Add-on solutions for further savings

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  • Niagara JACE, or OEM-compatible device, powered by Niagara 4.4+
  • Internet connection to DemandQ EMS Cloud Services
  • Minimum of 2 RTUs

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Free Version

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Question: How Does the JACE Plug-in work?


DemandQ’s JACE Plug-in is directly downloaded to your JACE and enabled through a license key. The patented software uses A.I. to collect and analyze HVAC equipment usage data, electric utility signals, market prices and operational conditions (i.e., weather, EV fleet schedules, thermostat setpoints), to “tune the building” and optimize electric load 24-7-365. 

Question: How do I earn revenue with the DemandQ JACE Plug-in?


Once you download the JACE Plug-in you will be able to automatically particpate in Demand Response (DR) programs, an electric grid service designed by grid operators to reduce or shift electricity consumption during periods of high demand or when the grid is stressed.  They will pay you to curtail your electricity during times of peak demand and the Plug-in can manage the process automatically.  Currently the most established DR programs are in California, Texas, New York and New England.  Once you qualify (we will help), the whole process will be managed for you. 

Question: Why is the DemandQ JACE Plug-in free?


We believe Niagara end-users should have the opportunity to prove the efficacy of the JACE plug-in for your particular environment. We also want to make your energy management journey both enticing and easy. We offer additional paid solutions that will improve your savings even more. 

Question: What is Peak Demand electricity and why does it cost more?


Peak demand electricity refers to the period of time when electricity usage is at its highest during the day or year. This typically occurs during specific hours of the day when most people are awake, businesses are operating, and energy-intensive activities are in progress.  Factors such as weather conditions, time of day, and economic activities affect peak demand and can drive up costs.  Other factors that increase costs include supply and demand dynamics, infrastructure costs, capacity charges, and market dynamics such as real-time pricing in Texas.

Question: Is the DemandQ JACE Plug-in secure? Do I need IT?


Security is a priority at DemandQ and we maintain SOC2 compliance with regular third-party security audits and evaluations of our cloud computing environment.  Additionally, the Energy Management Plug-In communicates with the DemandQ Cloud using HTTPS - a secure, encrypted communication protocol.  No Personally Identifiable Information is submitted or required by the DemandQ and you will be assigned a unique token to authorize access from your downloaded DemandQ JACE Plug-In.  IT support within your organization is not required if an internet connection is available.

Question: How do I ensure the plug-in is implemented correctly?


After you check-out you will recieve DemandQ portal log-in credentials, and step by step instructions. The time required takes approximately 1 hour. 

Basic steps include; 

  1. Download and install the plug-in onto to your JACE 
  2. Access the DemandQ Portal through the link provided
  3. On the portal enter details about your facility
  4. Obtain your access key from the portal and add it to plug-in module
  5. Link the required points using the Niagara Workbench wiresheet
  6. Enroll in appropriate demand response programs with DemandQ

Question: Do I have to change my operations workflows or processes?


DemandQ’s JACE Plug-in seemlessly integrates with your current workflows with low-to-no human involvement to use.  The DemandQ team is available to ensure the software is working each building location. 

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