OTIS driver

The Tridium Niagara driver connects to the OTIS Compass control system via ethernet. The OTIS Compass can interact with Niagara logic or other system integrated into Niagara.
Price $1,186.00 - $3,263.00
Price $1,186.00


OTIS driver enables communication with the OTIS Compass control system. BMS Niagara then acts as a so-called security system, which can change the elevator mode according to current needs. In addition, in connection with the access system driver, it is possible to define accesses to individual floors for a specific user.

Key features

  • Connection via IP (proprietary protocol)

Supported devices

  • Dispatching system OTIS Compass

Product SKU nm-OTIS driver

Niagara-powered device with software v4.8 (N4), v4.10 (N4) or later, including Jace8000, Supervisor or their OEM versions


DR-SC-OTIS-1 for 1 elevator group; DR-SC-OTIS-8 for 8 elevator groups


  • Niagara Supervisor or JACE connected via LAN to the OTIS network. 
  • It is assumed that the user is trained in the use of Niagara 4 and is familiar with the OTIS dispatching system.
  • You must read the End User License Agreement before using this software.

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DR-SC-OTIS-1 N4 Driver for Otis Compass, 1 elevator group
DR-SC-OTIS-8 N4 Driver for Otis Compass, 8 elevator group
OTIS driver-1$1,186.00
OTIS driver-8$3,263.00
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