Trend IP Driver

The Trend IP driver allows you to Integrate Trend IQ4 / IQ3 and Legacy Controllers into your Tridium iBMS via IP connection(s). The license is based on point quantities and full support for alarms and time zones overlays are also offered.
Price $524.82 - $1,148.31
Price $524.82

Trend control systems are installed extensively in the UK with installations in many other countries. The increased demand for Tridium Niagara as the choice of the building IoT and integration solution, has led to a growing desire to integrate Trend BMS systems.

In response to the growing demand, we have developed two new drivers, including our outstanding new Trend Emulator, now faster and more capable than ever. Our trend drivers offer unparalleled connectivity and function to all Trend IQ devices through a TCP VCNC connection, including support for IQ1’s. Our new Emulator driver emulates an IQ3 so you can now link a JACE to a Trend 963 without the need for TOPS.


  • Single VCNC per Network
  • Multiple Driver Networks (Single LAN per VCNC)
  • Auto discovery of VCNC connection
  • Auto discovery of Trend Outstations
  • Support for IQ3 / IQ4 / Legacy IQ via EINC
  • Auto discovery of Points
    • Sensors / Inputs / Drivers / Knobs / Switches / Loops
  • Manual programming (Logic / Function blocks etc)
  • Support for IQ3 / IQ4 Time Zones (Import and Export)
  • License packs to suit every project

Product SKU nm-Trend IP Driver

Version Support:

Niagara 4.10 

Niagara 4.11

Legacy support available, please contact



Available for Niagara Controller (JACE8000 or Portability Controller) or WebSupervisor 

Requires Appropriate Global Capacity Licensing To Be Available

100 Point Pack / 1 VCNC (LAN Connection) 


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Versions Price
Trend IP Driver -100 $524.82
Trend IP Driver -250 $628.74
Trend IP Driver -500 $801.93
Trend IP Driver -1000 $1,148.31
EULA Licensing Terms

All Tyrrell developed drivers include a software maintenance feature. Every new purchase of the driver will support the current release of Niagara 4 and the next release of Niagara 4, any subsequent upgrades will require a software maintenance license to be purchased.

As an example the current release of Niagara 4 is N4.11, a new driver purchase will cover you for N4.11 and a future upgrade to N4.12. Any further upgrades, for example to N4.13 or above, will require a software maintenance license to be updated. The software maintenance license would then cover you for the now current release of Niagara 4 (as an example N4.13) and next release of Niagara 4 (as an example N4.14). You can upgrade from any previous release with a single software maintenance purchase.  Tridium SMA license features may also be required.

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