Heatmap widget

A heatmap is a two-dimensional visualization in which individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors. This technique makes it easy to visualize complex data at a glance.
Price $80.00 - $150.00

A graphical widget to display an interactive graphical representation of Niagara history data as 2D color-coded matrix, usually with dates on X and hours on Y. Heatmaps make it easy to visualize complex data and evaluate system performance (temperature control, energy consumption) for large periods of time, taking into account both day of the week and time of the day.

Key features

  • use any numeric Niagara history
  • define any number of periods the history will be splitted to
  • specify any function for each period: average, min, max etc.
  • automatic or manually defined color scheme
  • unlimited number of widgets per host
  • almost every chart aspect can be customized
  • based on a popular data analytics chart library Plotly.js
  • context help for every Plotly attribute
  • automatic reporting and pdf generation
  • interactive controls
  • advanced time range selection and roll-up for historical data
  • deploy on Supervisor or JACE

Product SKU nm-Heatmap widget

Niagara-powered device with N4.6 or later, including Jace8000, Supervisor or their OEM versions


Requires a license for Jace or Supervisor

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Versions Price
Heatmap widget-JACE $80.00
Heatmap widget-Supervisor $150.00
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