IEC62056-21 DLMS Meter Driver

IEC 62056-21 (DLMS) driver for Niagara allows it to establish connection to the meter, discover all its data points with OBIS identifiers and then periodically read their values. That could be a simple and effective way to get real-time and historical values (kWh, kW, kVA, kVAr, V, I, pF etc.) from the main utility electrical meters into a building management system or an energy monitoring system. These values, along with sub-metering values retrieved from Modbus meters, can then be analyzed, shown on dashboards, used for cost prediction and building performance metrics.
Price $756.00 - $3,687.00
Price $756.00

IEC 62056-21 is a communication protocol often used by energy suppliers in their energy meters – mostly for electricity, but also for thermal and gas meters (as per EN 1434-3 standard). This protocol is included in IEC 62056 – family of standards maintained by International Electrotechnical Commission for electricity metering data exchange. It is a part of the “smart grid” suite of protocols and it is included into DLMS/COSEM specification.

IEC 62056-21 electrical meters usually are different from 96x96 and DIN-rail electrical meters with Modbus protocol. Utility meters are bigger in size, have a restricted access to configuration parameters and very limited user interface – they often have just a single button to switch between few values on the screen. Instead they are equipped with an optical probe interface, allowing energy suppliers to connect to the meters in a fast and safe manner temporarily.

Key features

  • Communicates with meters supporting IEC62056-21 (DLMS) protocol
  • Works via RS-485, RS-232, IP, optical head, current loop (with adapters)
  • Supports electrical, thermal energy and gas meters
  • Allows point discovery
  • Automatically determines point name, type and units
  • Supports periodical point polling
  • Great solution for existing non-Modbus electrical meters

Supported devices

All IEC62056-21 meters


Product SKU IEC62056-21-DLMS-Meter-Driver

Niagara-powered device with software v3.8 (AX), v4.1 (N4) or later, including Jace8000, Supervisor or their OEM versions


Jace 8000 250 points / 1000 points / unlimited points Supervisor 500 points + any number of extra 500 points


Niagara Supervisor or Jace is connected to meters via RS-485 / RS-232 ports (JACE) or IP (Supervisor or JACE).

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IEC62056-21 DLMS Meter Driver-JACE-10$1,605.00
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IEC62056-21 DLMS Meter Driver-JACE-Unlimited$3,687.00
IEC62056-21 DLMS Meter Driver-Supervisor-10$2,549.00
IEC62056-21 DLMS Meter Driver-Supervisor-Extra 10$756.00
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