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  1. ossEasyHistoryExport by ONE SIGHTSOLUTIONS LTD The ossEasyHistoryExport module has been designed to overcome all of the above headaches when tasked...
    $224.00 - $2,034.00
  2. Beckhoff ADS driver by Alvasys Automation AG ADS Beckhoff License for the license SUP-x all supervisors and also all JACE8000, MAC36, drivers for...
    $462.00 - $3,410.00
  3. Reflow by NiagaraMods Reflow is designed to make creating graphics, floor plans, and dashboards a quick and easy process. ...
    $399.00 - $2,399.00
  4. ossFTP by ONE SIGHTSOLUTIONS LTD The ossFTP module provides a way to push a file, or the contents of a directory from your Niagara st...
    Price $359.00
  5. Cylon Unitron Driver by Baudrate Tridium Niagara driver allows to connect to Unitron LAN port and communicate with Cylon pro...
    $756.00 - $3,687.00
  6. Niagara E-Signature Application by Tridium Professional Services Tridium Professional Services offers an e-signature application (ESIGN) that helps Niagara 4 users m...
    $810.00 - $10,765.00
  7. ossEasyAPI by ONE SIGHTSOLUTIONS LTD The ossEasyAPI from One Sightsolutions enables any Tridium Niagara 4 system to quickly interface wit...
    $900.00 - $2,707.00
  8. Trend IP Driver by Tyrrell Products Ltd The Trend IP driver allows you to Integrate Trend IQ4 / IQ3 and Legacy Controllers into your Tridium...
    $524.82 - $1,148.31
  9. EspaX IP driver by Alvasys Automation AG Espa-X IP driver In 1984 the European Selective Paging Manufacturer's Association (ESPA for short) d...
    $210.54 - $1,720.62
  10. InfluxDB by Baudrate So why might you need to integrate Niagara with InfluxDB? After all, Niagara already has built-in ti...
    $395.00 - $1,605.00
  11. SQL driver by SAFECONTROL s.r.o. The Tridium Niagara driver enables advanced communication with SQL database using corresponding JDBC...
    $1,186.00 - $9,194.00
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